Java Bleu Restaurant

24 09 2008

Do you want taste a french cuisine with affordable price and doesn’t make your wallet empty ? Try Java Bleu, an original french cuisine restaurant at Fatmawati, DBest supermarket area, south Jakarta.
I’ve been there for dinner with my brother, when he was birthday september 21, couple days ago.
Before we go there we ask the chef, Mr Antoine to cook as we wish, so we challenge him to cook Foie Gras and Lobster.
The foie gras is nice, feel so tender and season so heavy but the lobster not like we expected. I expect he cooked lobster with pan seared method but he cooked lobster with spinach and white wine in caserolle, it’s okay taste still good.
But overall we salute with Java Bleu.
My brother also order another menu from their stock, such as Quiche Lorraine, Escargot, Pork Tenderloin steak, Fresh mushroom soup.

Our first experience when we enter the restaurant , restaurant looks cozy when empty, but i think the restaurant too small ,Java Bleu has many customers, i think they have to enlarge them. I don’t care about spacious exactly, the first impression is classic, their paintings frame, their classic tables and classic chairs also plates remind me colonial time in Jakarta, i think 🙂

Java Bleu price so affordable for delicious meals, but what money can buy still valid for food, i think. Despite Java Bleu famous to all Jakarta’s people but the taste and high quality food only can have in Sriwijaya, Dharmawangsa Hotel. I don’t think i make hyperbolic term, i found the awesome meals while i ate in Sriwijaya ,Dharmawangsa. Unbelievable taste, purity, gentle texture, season, and price made everything so different when i ate in Sriwijaya.
But Java Bleu already represent the french cuisine, is good enough, but not the best !

To satisfy my taste i share to you pictures of meal at Java Bleu




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